Supporting Frontier Markets

Agri Frontier is an agri investment and agri-business advisory firm specialised in helping create world class farming and integrated agribusinesses across the value chain, with a focus on frontier markets, particularly Africa.​

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Our Services

Agri Frontier work with clients to provide innovative solutions to food security, economic and environmental sustainability in challenging environments and provides the following key services:

Business Development

Supporting corporate businesses to establish and grow agricultural operations in Africa.

Technical Assistance

Offering on-site specialised technical agricultural consulting in horticulture, livestock, crop production and agricultural economics.


Assisting businesses to become "investment ready" to attract investment funds. Start to finish advisory.

Commercial Due Diligence

We move beyond financial due diligence process and tackle key issues to determine the future value and performance of prospective targets.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Providing a full range of M&A advisory services including asset search, buyer search, valuations and due diligence.

Business Valuations

In support of balance sheet valuations for funds and companies, debt and equity capital issuance and as a component of due diligence.


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What clients say

Sarah Carr Innovation Specialist, Farm491

“Agri Frontier are always open to having conversations with Farm491 members who are looking for expertise in how to grow their African-based AgriTech start-up. Their reliable and friendly team makes working with them such a pleasure.”

Keith Polo Managing Director/Chief Lending Officer, MISSIO Invest

"On at least 4-5 occasions over the past year, we have called upon Agrifrontier to help us with enterprise research and analysis to better inform our investment decision-making. We have been very pleased with the quality of work, ability to interact well with our investees, and their flexibility on timing an pricing to help get the job done."

    Sector Focus

    All sectors in one place


    Fresh cut flowers, export vegetables, herbs, local produce, fruit


    Tea, coffee, cocoa, avocado, macadamia, cashew, coconut, citrus, etc

    Grains & Oilseeds

    Wheat, barley, maize, soya, sesame, sunflowers, sorghum, jatropha etc.


    Dairy, poultry, pork, beef

    Value Chain

    Seed breeding, input suppliers, machinery & equipment, processors and exporters, grain storage and handling, etc.

    Range from family owned, corporate farming businesses, international businesses wishing to expand into Africa, as well as impact and private equity investors.

    Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Uganda, Rwanda, Zambia,

    Malawi, Mozambique, South Africa

    Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, Gambia.

    South America
    Peru, Ecuador, Chile, Belize

    Middle East
    UAE, Oman

    Netherlands, Portugal, United Kingdom,